Kitty Pryde seems like she’s made out of internet. The young (best guess is mid-to-late teens so when I say young I mean very young) Daytona Beach rapper is making music compiled of influences that exist entirely online, and spitting it back in a never-ending collage of nerdy, trendy and cute.

In this video alone she has a beat from the eminently cool Beautiful Lou, which leads to a bassy, based, cloud rap sound, an obsession with Danny Brown and a mix of clever and dumb lyrics that end up being, at best, super endearing, or, at worst, intriguing but ultimately gimmicky. It definitely helps that she’s really cute, although be careful about developing a crush because she’s really, really young AND THAT JUST MAKES HER SEEM COOLER because youth+internet. The persona and music extends on her Tumblr and Bandcamp.

(The Fader)