I remember one day back in middle school when I snuck into my older sister’s room, looked through all her shit, and found her diary. It had a little lock on it, so naturally I got a paperclip and picked it. I sat there on the floor of her room and read into a world of my sister’s that I didn’t know existed. As guilty as I felt, I was fascinated. When my sister came home that night, I saw her in a different light.

Listening to Fiona Apple‘s new album, The Idler Wheel, is kind of like the experience of reading your older sister’s diary. At times Fiona gets so personal, so unflinchingly open that it’s uncomfortable to listen. But it’s also impossible not to.

Fiona’s new album is probably her best yet, and as beautiful as it is, it’s Fiona’s ability to let out all the pain and ugliness that really makes it such a great piece of work. I wrote about Fiona and her new album for Complex. Hit the link below to read.

The Fearlessness Of Fiona Apple