In the wake of A$AP Rocky‘s rise to prominence, New York’s hip-hop landscape continues to shift. Though the stalwart production that typifies traditional east coast rap remains a part of the city’s underground, NY residents are more likely than ever to hear something classically classified as “southern” blaring from passing car speakers (a trend that certainly can’t be attributed to Rocky, but that was further solidified by his rapid ascent). At the moment, it’s easiest to describe New York hip-hop by admitting that its sound is expansive (or, on the flip side, amorphous) and the majority of prominent, young NYC rappers like weed.

Add Benny Blanko to the list of emcees taking after the lead of the A$AP Mob leader. Rocking a skittering flow over a menacingly futuristic production, Blanko crafts a track that sounds right at home next to Rocky (or Bodega Bamz, Flatbush Zombies, and any number of A$AP affiliated groups). Check out the video below.