The Weeknd‘s whole vibe doesn’t seem right for the big stage, especially out in the sunlight. His dark sounds, drug-riddled content, and desperate tone all make his live show a little more difficult, and he doesn’t exactly come across as the type of guy who wants to scream out, “Make some noise!…. I can’t hear you!” But these are things that performers do, and so he does them.

He’s still new to stages like this, so there’s no doubt that he’ll get better at it. Here he is at the Osheaga Festival in Montreal. Of the performance, Brad Weté of Complex said, “His druggy R&B had fans addicted to him from start, though it was a bit awkward watching him before sundown. Oddly enough, even tracks like ‘The Morning’ are the joints best suited for the evening.”

He’ll have more chances to perfect his show over the next couple of months during a handful of stops with Florence + The Machine.