TMZ reports that Kanye West is currently negotiating with the producers of American Idol to appear as a judge on the show. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Kanye news story if it was without the musical mastermind’s trademark bombast and edge:

But [Kanye’s interest] doesn’t mean he’s on board — we’re told Yeezy is still unsure about accepting the gig. The way it was put to us … “He’s on the fence,” because he’s not sure if “A.I.” is in his wheelhouse.

And there’s another big hang up — cash. Informed sources tell TMZ … “Idol” would “at least match Mariah’s salary” — a cool $18 mil a year.

TMZ also noted that Nicki Minaj may be locked in as a judge on Idol, but the show’s producers may still be in the hunt for a fourth judge, with Kanye representing a serious score (though others in the running include Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and Enrique Iglesias).

What do you think? Would the potential of a Kanye rant make Idol must see TV?