We’re getting just as tired of the Captain Murphy speculation as you are, but it may finally be at an end. Tonight, P&P’s Monster received an e-mail with the subject header “captain murphy” and the following message:

“my boy uploaded this on my youtube channel
how did you guy’s put it all together ?”

In the video below (also sent in the e-mail), Irish rapper Rejjie Snow – formerly known as Lecs Luther – claims to be the voice behind the mysterious Captain Murphy. Aided by a can of beer, the smiling Snow states that he has been working in Los Angeles with Flying Lotus and others for the past ten months, assembling a project under his primary moniker and, apparently, putting together the handful of songs attributed to the enigmatic Captain Murphy.

As you may recall, P&P listed Snow as one of a number of potential artists behind the Captain Murphy alias. We reached out to Snow via e-mail, and he responded, “Yeah I’m Captain Murphy lol you can run a story if you want man,” adding, “I’m only gonna leave that YouTube video up for 2 days :)” in a later message.

It’s difficult to know exactly what to believe in this saga and we have not received confirmation that Snow is Captain Murphy from any other source yet. Given the nature of some of the players involved (and that Snow has allegedly been in touch with Earl), it wouldn’t be surprising if Snow indeed turned out to be Murphy, or if this video was simply another step in a sort of practical joke orchestrated by multiple artists. Of course, it could also be some serious trolling by the young Dubliner–especially considering Snow had some choice words for the piece in which we mentioned him as a possible candidate via his Facebook account:

We’ll keep you posted if other information arises.

UPDATE: It appears we have been trolled, unless we are being double-trolled with some kind of Inception-like troll within a troll. It looks like this was just for some publicity or simply for the sake of trolling, but either way, well played, Rejjie Snow.