At the moment, there are a lot of ways tristate area residents can help Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. If you don’t happen to live in the area, don’t have the time to volunteer, or just happen to like cool art and want to help out, we’ve got you covered.

Boston-based band Bear Language (whose vocalist/guitarist Luca Buccellati was born and raised in New York) has partnered with artist Paola Cucurullo to make a homey, hand-printed t-shirt.

“Paola, an artist and good friend, made us super limited hand-painted tees and art prints as surprise gifts,” Luca explains. “When the hurricane happened, a lot of our close friends and family were displaced without power, a home, food. It inspired us to want to reach out and help those affected. And so we decided to use what was given to us by Paola as something we could use to raise money in order to help those in need.”

Each shirt will be bundled with a limited edition print and auctioned on Ebay. All proceeds will go to Red Cross Hurricane Relief.

To bid on a shirt, go here. Check out the designs below.


The Shirt:

The Print: