On Friday night, DJ Shadow was spinning live at Miami’s Mansion nightclub in support of his All Bases Covered tour when a funny thing happened: one of the promoters asked DJ Shadow to stop spinning. While Shadow was getting into Krampfhaft’s “Spit Thunder,” the crowd was either not into his set or the promoters were just so amped to get their resident back on to drop more Top 40-inspired tracks that one walked right up to the decks and apparently asked Shadow to stop:

DJ Shadow did as he was asked, but this begs to question why Mansion is even booking these DJs. Earlier this year, Mansion did the same thing to Dennis Ferrer. It sounds like Mansion has people booking talent off name recognition without even knowing their style of music, which might make sense for a club wanting to bring fans in, but at $30 a pop? As you can hear in the above video, there were heads in the club who were definitely not feeling this decision.