In this sterile interview with Flo Rida, he is asked to describe his year in one word. He responds, and the interviewer repeats his word in awe—”phenomenal“—as if to suggest that Flo Rida is some kind of genius who vomits poetry and sharts artistic integrity.

“You know, I actually got a chance to do some recording in the same studio where Michael Jackson did Thriller. You know, West Lake studio. We did some work in there and I came up with like seven masterpieces.”

At this point the interviewer says something about 30-year cycles and notes that Thriller was released 30 years ago. Flo Rida responds, “Well then I was right.”

Flo Rida also plans to “take advantage of his celebrity” by getting into acting.

My resolution in 2013 is to be more positive, so I’m going to stop this post here and go mentor an at-risk teen.