Freddy E., real name¬†Frederick Eugene Buhl, was a 22-year-old rapper/comedian reportedly signed to Tyga’s record label. In a very unsettling series of tweets sent out by Freddy yesterday, he revealed how unhappy he was with life. As the tweets continued, it became clear just how bad it was. After tweeting about having a gun to his head and his finger on the trigger, Freddy sent out love to his family, asked forgiveness from God, and offerred one final apology: “I’m sorry.”

There hasn’t been an official confirmation, but it is being reported that he took his own life shortly after his final tweet. There are rumors that he was upset over a failed relationship with Honey Cocaine, a female rapper also associated with Tyga’s record label. Honey Cocaine reacted on Twitter, explaining how close the two were and how people need to be respectful of the situation.

See the tweets below.