By @Jennsdrunk

Kodaline have managed to combine two of my favorite things in the new “High Hopes” video: Games Of Thrones (Liam Cunningham stars) and heartbreakingly beautiful music. In the stunning video, directed by Stevie Russel, we watch a man and woman fall in love. The video is beautifully lit and extremely well acted—no flashy gimmicks. It’s simple, and sometimes the most simple imagery can pull out the rawest emotions.

The song grabs at all the right heart strings and tugs tightly. Lead singer Steve Garrigan’s vocals are haunting as he sings about love lost and found. The lyrics take us from a point in time when love is new to remembering the pain when that love is no longer there, all the while reminding us that “the world keeps spinning around.” I look forward to what’s next from these extremely talented boys from Dublin. This song will be released on the bands forthcoming EP, The High Hopes, which will be available mid-March.