Praything‘s Her Skin Caught The Glow was a criminally slept on release from last year, and it’s a pleasure to revisit the piano/percussion driven “Soon Soon” with this video, which according to Ju Kovacevich is “a tribute to someone who passed too early.”

From Ju:

A few weeks ago, the person who inspired “Soon Soon” prematurely passed away.

She was a mother and I wrote ‘Her Skin Caught The Glow’ about her daughter.

It was difficult to communicate with her in the few times I met her. The right side of her body was paralyzed. Her speech was limited to mostly yes’ and no’s. Yet she was always lively, funny, and sassy. She laughed and gossiped with her daughter. She always¬†complained about the food they served at the nursing¬†home. She loved Virginia Slims and McDonald’s Iced Coffee. Her love for her daughter always showed through in the conversations I had with her.

While her speech in dialogue was severely limited, she was able to sing full stanzas of songs from memory. The first time I met her, I was stunned to hear her sing a line or two of a love song she remembered. She lifted up her mobile arm and gracefully gestured toward the sky. Every word was sung beautifully. Every note was perfect.

With “Soon Soon,” I wanted to create a physical world that was timeless and unfamiliar. Slowing down the beautiful time lapses Brian shot made the clouds and light dance playfully. I saw new rhythms appear in the heavens. While not being religious myself, I wanted both the video and record to at least attempt to create a place of spiritual calm.

The video is dedicated to her, and the little time I had the pleasure of spending with her.

May she find calm soon.