Perhaps it’s only because the internet makes us more aware than ever before, but it seems that the last half decade or so has brought about a far more polished collection of teenage rappers than any preceding decade. Earl Sweatshirt, Wiki and his RATKING crew, Joey Bada$$ and a number of others floating around the internet (just to avoid the wrath of Khal, add on Lil Poopy) have showcased a commitment to both technique and creativity, understanding what made the greats of the past great while (mostly) trying to carve out a lane all their own.

Bishop Nehru, a 16 year-old hailing from upstate New York, is still a bit rough around the edges, but on “Misruled Order” he sounds on the verge of full confidence in his voice. Technical capacity can increase with time, especially when you’re starting at such a young age, so if you aren’t bowled over by an Earl-like flood of words, that’s fine; Nehru is, after all, 16. He has a definite presence and it will be interesting to see if his taste continues to skew towards the golden age hip-hop that characterizes the music of Joey Badass and his Pro Era camp. That matter opens a whole other can of worms: Why do the early-mid nineties seem to be striking a chord with so many teenage rappers on the rise?

While you ponder what might be an obvious answer (parents/older relatives who love the golden era? desire to be “cool” by recalling an era from before their birth?), check out “Misruled Order” below.