Well, this is awkward because what Grimes wants most right now is for the Internet to leave her alone, and here I am writing a post on it. But in a time when fans want to feel connected to the artists that they follow, anything that famous artists share on the Internet turns into something of interest. As annoying and petty as it gets, it’s also one of the most fascinating parts of being a music fan in 2013.

As Grimes continues to gain fans and make headlines, she has been sharing her thoughts and views very candidly on her Tumblr. She has been funny, insightful, and extremely entertaining. Apparently, all the attention wasn’t exactly what Claire was looking for. Today she shared a few messsages:

my tumblr is not a news source im debating whether or not i should delete this shit i will decide in the next 5 minutes

my specific problem is that i dont like the shit i say on here taken out of context and posted elsewhere and its not a story and its not an official statement.

5 minutes later….

im deleting everything i ever posted here.

nothing i write here is an official statement and i really resent this shit turning into news but i guess i should have learned my lesson the first time that happened

so any way, im out because i need some semblance of a normal life in order to be happy.

One last post…

im out because i need some semblance of a normal life in order to be happy.

but i feel like even this has become a scene lol. blah

bye internet <3

Ugh, bye Grimes. Hopefully she still keeps her Twitter account, because those tweets are fucking priceless.