When The Black Keys‘ Patrick Carney gave a mostly indifferent response to TMZ after he was asked about Bieber and the Grammys, he probably didn’t expect this. But ever since Bieber tweeted that Carney should be slapped, the “Beliebers” on Twitter have been worked up into a frenzy.¬†We already saw what happened when Bieber fans attacked, but now Carney is going on the offensive.

The drummer has decided to assume the identity of Justin Bieber, changing his Twitter name to Justin Bieber 2.0 and making his avatar a picture of The Biebz in thick-framed glasses. The Beliebers don’t know how to react. Some of them are extremely angry, some are starting to figure it out, and many are just really, really confused.

Check the tweets below for some more hilarity in the ongoing feud between The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney and Justin Bieber fans.