In the annual guide to the most innovative companies in the world, Fast Company has revealed which businesses are leading the way in their industries and having the largest impacts on culture. In the music industry, they’ve named Rap Genius as the most innovative, followed by Spotify and YouTube. Here’s their explanation:

“For explicating the rap canon, then moving on to everything else. When they started Rap Genius in 2009, its founders just wanted to meet Cam’ron. Now their goal is to ‘explain everything,’ says former lawyer Mahbod Moghadam, who set up the site with fellow Ivy Leaguers Tom Lehman, an engineer, and Ilan Zechory, a Google project manager. Rap Genius crowdsources annotations of rap lyrics–deciphering slang, unpacking references–creating a vast canon of industry knowledge. Last October, RapGenius scored a controversial, high-profile, and awesome investment of $15 million from Silicon Valley venture firm Andreesen Horowitz. It has since expanded its focus beyond the rap genre to explicate pop songs, legal decisions, even the Bible.”

The Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Music:

01. Rap Genius
02. Spotify
03. YouTube
04. Pulse Films
05. Merlin Network
06. Moment Factory
07. Coachella
08. Songza
09. Stagelt
10. BBC

(Fast Company)