Two weeks ago, the Vancouver Canucks asked their fans to pick a new song for the team to skate out to before every game. To us, “The House That Heaven Built,” garage-rock duo Japandroid’s storming signature anthem, made perfect sense. It’s a visceral assault of a song that’s had fans belting out its shouted lyrics since it came out last year, and works perfectly as an rabble-rousing introduction for a hockey team. That being said, no matter how perfect a fit, it still seemed like a long shot; the underground hit had to contend with Nickelback’s “Burn It To The Ground” and Guns’N’Roses “Welcome To The Jungle,” amongst others, and it didn’t seem like the most obvious pick.

The voting populace of Canucks fans surprised us, though, and nominated “The House That Heaven Built” to replace U2’s “Where The Streets Have No Name.” It was a great choice. Well played, Vancouver. So far the Canucks are 0-1 since switching songs, but we’re sure that will come back around soon.