You ever have one of those days where you’ve gotta get something done, but every time you try and make some progress you something distracts you, or you get drawn in by that bottle of Jameson across the room? Yeah, Jesus does too. Or at least modern day, bath-robed, slippers-and-socks Jesus does.

Frightened Rabbit’s new video gives us a glimpse into the tortured writer side of Jesus Himself. With a deadline fast approaching, Jesus tries to finish up the New Testament but keeps finding inspiration (or procrastination) in throwing darts at a picture of Judas, some bedroom putt-putt, some roll-ups, and malt whiskey. He showcases some freak out dance moves, and reminds us all what it’s like to have some old fashioned writer’s block.

The Scottish band’s sound is a bit like what we always wanted Snow Patrol to be—raw energetic rhythm with an unfinished texture and a unique vocal direction. Frightened Rabbit’s fourth studio album Pedestrian Verse dropped February 1st. “Today’s Cross” is the b-side to their single “The Woodpile.” Check out the video for “The Woodpile” below.