Justin Bieber hasn’t had the best luck lately: the singer was hospitalized after fainting at a show, then threatened to beat up a photographer and most recently, got into a argument with one of his neighbors who alleged that Bieber spat on him. And now the young pop star may have some more trouble on his hands. While traveling to Munich this past Thursday, Bieber’s new pet monkey was detained by airport customs officials. Yes, Bieber now has a pet monkey and yes, it was quarantined in Germany.

According to TMZ, Bieber failed to provide the proper documentation needed for the monkey, which was a gift from producer Mally Mall, to get into the country. And although Bieb’s new friend was kept in custody overnight while the singer performed, it seems they’ve since reunited as Bieber posted pics of the two together on his Instagram today. And maybe it’s just us, but does anyone else think that while this is definitely the most ridiculous thing he’s done, it may also be the most boss thing Yung Biebs has done: just casually chill with an exotic capuchin monkey? Looks like someone may be giving Ross a run for his money.