Earl Sweatshirt‘s back to that 2010 shit.

At the beginning of “Whoa,” Tyler talks about Earl getting all personal on “Chum” but warns that doesn’t mean he can’t go back to that “old fucking 2010 shit.” Cue the beat—a drum kicking under a sinister synth, a few keys, and a deep but unobtrusive bass—and Earl dives in with that densely packed and well mapped out delivery that he’s been known for ever since his Earl mixtape dropped back in 2010. And true to the style he showed off in 2010, he’s back to the twisted shit, using intricate flows to talk about smacking rappers and eating deer meat at Santa’s.

But the best part about Tyler’s statement is that it’s not completely accurate. This isn’t that old 2010 shit. It’s smarter, more confident, and better.

Look out for Earl’s album Doris.