By Jack Erwin

Clearly it’s time for more guitar solos played from the knees and torch songs sung to girlfriends in the balcony. That’s the only conclusion we can draw from seeing Mac DeMarco at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Friday night.

Look, we’d like to try to use Mac to make some larger point about music and life. That’s music criticism, right? Like, Mac straddles the line between irony and sincerity and makes the nylon flower in all of us bloom anew and OH JESUS WOULD YOU JUST SHUT UP. Mac DeMarco is not music to analyze shit to. It’s music to smoke shit to, as even the suits on Friday night knew.

Mac’s show at MHOW was added after his show with Ty Segal at Webster Hall earlier in the month sold out. But really, that shit is irrelevant too. What you need to know about Friday is:

-Mac led a room full of Williamsburg cool kids in a chant of “Tour!” “Dank” to the chords of a suspiciously familiar tune.

-Mac and his guitarists played from their knees for approximately a fourth of the show, taking rock star poses to play solos and just about everything else. If anyone else in the world did that it would be wack, but he pulled it off.

-Sang his torch ballad “Still Together” to his girlfriend standing in the balcony—until Mac brought her onstage, nearly dropped her into the crowd, and finished singing the song from his knees.

-Mac and co. played a medley of cover songs that included a segue from the Dave Brubeck Quintet’s “Take Five” into Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff.” (Yup, that was that riff y’all were chanting along to earlier. Suckas!)

Of course, all the shenanigans would’ve been lame if the tunes hadn’t been good. Like, really, really good. Mac has a very tight, funky band to play his self-recorded songs (even if he steals the spotlight from his lead guitar player by dropping to his knees during solos—then again, it is his solo). At some point DeMarco will have to expand his palate, both for his recordings and live show—there’s only so long you can go playing flanged out lead guitar lines and serenading your girlfriend for 15 minutes in front of strangers. But for now, Mac’s rocking the funnest (that’s official music crit terminology kids) show in the game. Do what you have to (sell meth on the street, shit) to see this tour.