With the overwhelming success of “Get Lucky” to add to their already impressive resume, Daft Punk are back in the spotlight and Random Access Memories will be released on May 21. This long-awaited follow up to 2005’s Human Nature has the internet abuzz with Daft Punk factoids, videos, speculation and more. Truly, we have reached peak-Daft-Punk-dom. Or have we? Apparently, some die-hard fans over at The Daft Club (the #1 Daft Punk Fan Site) have created a lengthy, fact-filled history of the evolution of the Daft Punk headgear.

Although it was gradual, since 2001 the helmets have actually undergone a series of crucial changes. This kind of historical insight is interesting enough to even get non-fans excited for the intensive backstories that cult bands like Daft Punk accrue. Go here for the whole history complete with helmet technological descriptions, or see the handy one-sheet that therealdano created and individual images of their helmets and gloves above. Either way, all props to The Daft Club, this is an amazing peek into Daft Punk history and their aesthetic impact.

(The Daft Club)