Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins frontman and founder has put down his guitar and picked up… a teacup and a bingo card. The Wall Street Journal reported on the story earlier today, focusing on the rise of bingo, but they seemed to be missing the major story here, Corgan owns a tea shop named Madame ZuZu’s.

Located in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park and described as “art deco inspired,” the tea shop hosts a monthly bingo night that began this February. Corgan, 46, admits that at this stage in his life bingo is pretty appealing. Pumpkins’ bassist Nicole Fiorentino, 33, also drops by ZuZus to play.

“Our lives at this point are speeding up,” Corgain told the Journal. “It’s so nice to just sit with people and go back to the way things used to be where it really is about being together for an hour and talking smack about stupid stuff.”

This isn’t Corgan’s first foray into side businesses, he also owns a professional wrestling promotion company. Hey, whatever it takes to escape that infinite sadness. Watch the video over at the Wall Street Journal for more information about the community bingo night. Corgan’s also been tweeting to help promote the bingo nights.


(Wall Street Journal)