If you read the dance music tea leaves, you may notice a not-so-subtle shift happening. Daft Punk has returned in force, their controlled roll out of Random Access Memories crafting the impression of our robotic heroes as the world’s biggest rock stars. British Brothers Disclosure closed out two weekends of Coachella and recently inked a deal with Interscope. Seminal DJ’s like Skream have been spinning nu-disco sets at clubs across the globe.

The message: It’s not all about the fist pump, wobble bass, or “damn son, where’d you find this?” anymore.

With new single “Time Out,” Portuguese DJ/producer Branko slips comfortably into the changing currents. A tropical rhythm and melody vaguely reminiscent of recently resurgent two-step form the warmly propulsive bed for an understated vocal from Orlando Santos. It’s dance music as atmospheric accompaniment, not the obnoxious in your face synth assault that you’ve come to expect (and perhaps love–Branko’s take on the genre certainly won’t satisfy those looking for said synth assault).