Daft Punk well and truly know how to build the hype. Ever so slowly, piece by piece, we are being fed scraps of information about Random Access Memories, with the latest exciting piece of news being that New Jersey garage legend Todd Edwards, known for his much imitated chopped-up sampling style, moved his studio across America to LA to work on the album. Seeing how inspired Edwards (himself an inspiration to many producers) has been by working on this album, and hearing about the lengths Daft Punk have gone to to create a “future classic,” should just serve to raise excitement levels even more. The interview is part of a series put highlighting Daft Punk’s collaborators on this album, watch the first episode featuring Giorgio Moroder here.

Adding to the mystery, Do Androids Dance is reporting that Daft Punk may be planning a “global album launch party” in the small town of Wee Waa in Australia on May 17 (read more here). So make of that what you will.