After interviewing Gunplay a couple of times (read here and here), we realized that this is a man who has things to say. Gunplay is a fascinating character and it shows through his music and his interviews, so we wanted to give him a platform to speak his mind and say whatever he wanted. He agreed to write an article for us, on a topic of his choice, and we agreed to publish it unedited.

Here is the article Gunplay wrote for Pigeons & Planes:

Reflecting on “The Original Bilderberg Group”

By Gunplay aka Don Logan

As I am intrigued by the well-established Bilderberg Group, allow me to expand briefly. The profound group originated at Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands from May 29th-31st in 1954 where they “debated the future of the world.” Its organizational structure consists of the world’s richest, most powerful leaders, including multi-functional corporations such as directors of large businesses, bankers and top politicians. Daniel Estulin described the group in his Internet article as such: “who’s who of world power elites.” No individual can buy their way into the powerful group, but is invited by the Bilderberg Committee and must be adherents to the One World Order governance run by the world’s top elites.

The Bilderberg group meets yearly in various locations of the world where the participants discuss the world’s future. Each is given the opportunity to hash out what is to be done and the method(s) in which to do so. They have at their disposal powerful transnational and national instruments for bringing about what it is they want to come to pass.

While their greatest mission is to gain total control of the world thus forming the “One World Order,” the Bilderberg Group also endeavors to control matters of policy, economics and overall strategy resulting in great financial gain.