Music videos are great in that they allow for an original visual interpretation of the song in question. It’s free range for whoever’s in charge, which more often than not, may yield stunning, magical results. Unsurprisingly, The Flaming Lips‘ 13-minute long “You Lust” (shortened down to four minutes for the video) take a route so off the beaten path that I’m pretty sure the band ended up in some parallel universe. The clip is comprised of:

– two completely naked bodies attached to some sort of shock device
– a monkey
– crotch shots (many, many crotch shots)
– close-ups of faces under flashing lights
– a bedazzled Wayne Coyne (I think Ke$ha is rubbing off on him)

Check out the visuals above… unless if you’re at the office. Then don’t. Again, crotch shots. “You Lust” appears on The Flaming Lips’ latest album, The Terror.