There’s not much out there about newcomer Vance Joy. He is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. He has very nice curly hair. And that’s kind of it. The about me on his website states: “His songs capture the familiar pulse of everyday experiences in a unique and celebratory manner. His lyrics will reach out to you and hold on for a moment.”

“Riptide” is Vance Joy’s second release taken off his EP, God Loves You When You’re Dancing. Light guitar and whimsical vocals make it feel like summer is finally here. Joy’s video for the stand-out track is a full of fun, peculiar, and very much literal imagery with a Wes Anderson feel to it.

Joy’s ability to create something beautiful that doesn’t take itself too seriously is refreshing. The song, commercial and quirky at the same time, will at the very least be stuck in your head for a bit. Enjoy the video and hopefully there will be more from this new artist soon.