Animation in music videos can be difficult to properly execute. Quality, innovative animation can be time-consuming and costly. If you have a digital camera and a couple hundred dollars (or less), you can make a video that looks professional; the same can’t be said if you’re looking to produce quality animation (unless you’ve got a very patient, talented animator friend).

One solution, of course, is to have a band whose musicians double as talented artists. Such is the case with Leeds-based quartet¬†Fun Adults, who¬†assemble a gorgeous, whimsical video for single “For Water” from sketches made by members Dan Jacobs and Huw Thomas. A watercolor dream brought to life, full of swaying, morphing bodies, “For Water” manages to create a series of engrossing moods without an overt message, open to interpretation but affecting nonetheless. It’s a great visual complement to the band’s intricate, skittering production and evocative melodies. Check out some stills from the video above and some of the sketches that inspired the finished product, courtesy of Dummy Mag.