There’s something immediately enticing abut Black Taxi’s latest single “House On Fire.” The track opens with a catchy parade of thumping percussion and gritty guitar progressions before it perfectly transitions into a giant, sweeping chorus you sort of excitedly expect. But that’s where the song’s predictability ends. Because when you watch the video the band chose to pair with “House On Fire,” it surprises you in the most intriguing way.

The visuals show off Brooklyn artist Katie Innamorato, who has quickly made a name for herself with her Rogue Taxidermy sculptures, as she creates a new piece from a fox she finds as roadkill. The, at times, grisly images are an odd pairing for a song that has so many pretty moments, but by the end you can’t help but admit that it oddly works. It’s striking in it’s simplicity, and in a time we’re so often flooded with over the top music videos, there’s something to be said for it’s well-done, minimalist approach. Watch the clip for Black Taxi’s “House On Fire” above.