Ever been to an Odd Future show? Okay, well Monday night was just about the furthest thing from your typical OFWGKTA performance, besides the fact that everyone was sweating through their clothes. Earl Sweatshirt set up in Ludlow Garage in New York City for an intimate show. The location was kept secret until the last minute, so the crowd was comprised of mostly media people, industry insiders, and a few lucky fans who won access.

It wasn’t the normal high-energy set. There were no screaming Odd Future fanatics (actually, that’s a lie, there was one), and there was no crowd surfing, but Earl adapted. He got into his zone, rapping like a man possessed, and he brought out Mac Miller and Vince Staples to help out with the show.

It wasn’t your typical Odd Future concert, but Earl’s not your typical rapper, and even out of his element, there wasn’t a person in that garage who left thinking that Earl can’t rap his ass off. Watch him and Vince Staples perform “Hive,” which now has a brand new video, below.

About the event:

This summer, VitaminWater has again partnered with The FADER to present #Uncapped, a series of transformational musical events dedicated to making boring mondays more brilliant. This year’s series promises fans intimate listening sessions taking place in traditionally mundane locations throughout New York City, including an auto body shop, a laundromat, and an office space.