Jay-Z is typically a pretty private guy who keeps his high-profile relationship with Beyonce, his illuminati status, and his personal life on lock. But after the release of Magna Carta Holy Grail through a Samsung branded partnership, Billboard’s refusal to count the initial million sales of the album, and the app’s subsequent failure, Jay took to Twitter to sound off on his #NewRules. In the process, a plethora of other topics were discussed—”Dead Presidents 3” even surfaced.

To follow that up, he appeared on Hot 97’s radio show with Angie Martinez to discuss the Nets, Blue Ivy, Twitter, the new album and whether or not he reads blogs. My favorite part was when he confirmed that Beyonce has “a hundred thousand amazing songs right now” that they listen to at home in their socks.

He also gave more information about the release of “Open Letter” through Jack White‘s Third Man Records label that he initially referred to on Twitter. According to Jay, it will be a letter that opens open and is playable vinyl. “It’s in a letter that—you can play the letter. It’s amazing. I’ll show you the video of it. So you open the letter, and you can actually play the card, like a vinyl.” Seriously? If anyone could pull that off though, it’s Jack White, #NewRules once again. Last time the technology failed Hov so hopefully this one works out better.

Watch the interview in three parts below.