Before Kanye West declared he was a God, there was another hip-hop figure that claimed he was a holy figure. Lil B emerged from the trenches of the Internet as “Lil B The Based God;” a title that would go on to spawn countless memes and legions of Twitter followers. So when Lil B sat down to speak with MTV Desi, it was only natural to want to know Lil B’s thoughts on Kanye’s assertion that he was also a God.

“The difference is that Kanye says ‘I am a God’ and I say ‘I am God.’ I have a mixtape that says I am God. That’s the difference right there; you get straight to the point with me. There’s no beating around the bush,” he answered. Well, there ya go.

Lil B also spoke on dating, of which he says, “I haven’t had intercourse with a woman in so long. Like a year.” He then touched on what he has coming up stating he’s working on his first rock album. “It’ll become an indie rock classic for sure. It’s just amazing.” We can only imagine.