While it’s easy for press releases to blend together in a nondescript mass, there are the occasional standouts that cut through with honesty in the service of a great product. The following line from a press-email caught my eye:

“After almost 2 years & 3000 hand-drawn illustrations, ‘Airy Me’ is ready for all to see. Prepare to be transported to a world of floating butterflies and hazy visions of the future.”

For ethereal Tokyo pop singer Cuushe’s “Airy Me” video, the visual treatment is indeed a magical, gorgeous, and occasionally frightening animated journey into an alternate reality, a video so carefully crafted that you might imagine it came out of a large animation studio. Instead, it’s the product of a graduate assignment completed by Japanese artist Yoko Kuno while at university. It’s an impressive, enthralling achievement that pairs perfectly with Cuushe’s the haunting enchantment of Cuushe’s single. Get lost in “Airy Me” below.