Ireland’s been causing a few ripples in the surface of music recently with the emergence of Unknown, and the Emerald Isle is back in the news today with a new video from Dublin’s Rejjie Snow. “Snow (My Rap Song)” boasts an incredible minimal beat — it’s not much more than a bass, hi-hat and a mean whiny synth thats halfway between an ambulance siren and a fly’s buzz.

The video’s a schizophrenic trip through a day with two Snow’s: One’s a polo-wearing schoolboy pining for the fantasy life of the other, a Rejjie that walks the streets with bandanas and beautiful women and occasionally mentions killing rappers with his dick. It’s a concept that takes us through Paris backstreets and metropolises as Snow caresses the mic, his voice barely above a whisper.

Snow’s Rejovich was released in June, you can cop it here.