EarlWolf is starting to look more and more likely. In an interview this week with NME, Earl Sweatshirt confirmed plans to release an album with longtime collaborator and fake brother Tyler, The Creator. The two go back to the days of Myspace, when Earl went by Sly Tendencies. And then there was that whole Odd Future thing. More of an uprising than a thing, but regardless.

It would be an understatement to say the two have worked together before. Most recently, Tyler appeared on Earl’s Doris four times: twice as a rapper, twice as a producer. But the two had never appeared alone together, and though Earl insists all is steady in the OF camp, an album with Tyler is definitely coming down the pipe. They’ll call themselves EarlWolf. Earl had this to say in the interview:

“We’ll do the record when we’re ready to sit down for a month and a half and do it in one. It’d be shitty if it was spread out. That’s how I want to do shit from now on; that’s what I learned from doing ‘Doris’. Trying to piece shit together that’s hella spread out kinda sucks. You hit a lot more walls trying to make it sync.”

Sure, maybe we’re getting a little too excited too early, but after being blessed with Tyler’s Wolf back in April and Earl’s Doris this summer, it’s starting to feel like we’re looking at a couple of music’s evolutionary forces working side by side. Revisit the duo’s “Sasquatch” below:

A Musical History of EarlWolf: When Odd Future’s Two Stars Join Forces