Ah,¬†Grimes. She’s been out of the spotlight lately, but this written interview surfaced and is hilarious enough to hold us over until we get more Grimes in our life. In her written answers for Corona Capital, Grimes uses “duh,” says she wants to produce a beat for Dr. Dre, and when asked “Kanye West or God?” she replied, “Same thing.” Perfect. Read the whole thing below, via gri–mes.

UPDATE: Grimes has responded to the circulation of this image on her Tumblr, explaining:

“i just want to point out that i was fairly drunk while filling out this questionnaire

** also i dictated to james so this is his handwriting. ¬†also i would never have the arrogance to suggest that i could produce dr. dre better than dr. dre could produce himself, james insisted on writing that but all the other information is accurate.”