Manchester sensation Bipolar Sunshine first caught our attention with two vastly different tracks. First there was the angelic “Fire,” quickly followed by proto-punk tweaker “Rivers.” “Love More Worry Less” falls in line with the former, but what all three have in common is their centerpiece, the cracked pleading voice of frontman Adio Marchant. Kooky slanted haircut aside, Marchant has an uncanny ear for vocal melodies and harmonies that have separated his music from similarly fragile contemporaries.

In the new video for “Love More Worry Less,” Marchant sings against a simple backdrop, relating the age-old adage of a young girl facing an unwanted pregnancy, and the boy who wants no part of it. His muse is a blonde-on-blonde bombshell, and the two of them take turns staring into the camera and frolicking through the English highlands. If that all sounds a bit silly, then you haven’t watched the video yet. Marchant is making a career out of making these seemingly overwrought scenarios actually work, and this video is no exception.

Bipolar Sunshine’s Drowning Butterflies EP is set to release November 11th. He’ll be supporting the new music by touring England through the fall.