I’ll admit, when I first pressed play on this video, I didn’t want to like it. There’s such an influx of musicians making this indie/pop/electronic hybrid sound that it’s become almost obnoxiously predictable to listen to. You know when the song is going to kick into its catchy chorus, when it’s going to add a synth here and a falsetto there. I just expected “Body Electric (Blue)” to be the same way. While I wasn’t wrong, the band has enough talent to do this niche well, and it works.

The song’s strength isn’t in its ability to provide something terribly original but instead, in its ability to provide something enjoyably accessible without being boring. Since I first heard it last night, I’ve found myself already returning to it again this morning. But then again, that may also be because I’m still trying to wrap my head around the song’s video. We The Wild will release their debut EP on November 11, get familiar with the duo before then.