Introducing the Church of Nobody as conceived by Willis Earl Beal, an episodic series that features musical performances in what looks like a church basement, complete with bibles on folding chairs. Each episode is developed around Willis’ “Principles of Protagonist” (further elaborated below), or essentially rules that one should live by, and is hosted by the performing artist.

The premiere of Church of Nobody brings for the first two episodes, featuring Willis Earl Beal himself addressing “Sincerity” in the first, and King Krule showing “Restraint” in the second, both filmed to resemble home videos. Watch Beal perform above, and King Krule below.

Willis Earl Beal’s “Principles of Protagonist”:
1. Sincerity: Never say or do anything contrary to your overall intentions.
2. Restraint: Be Moderate. Never fully indulge. Detach yourself somewhat
3. Composure: Never allow yourself to appear nervous. Project serenity. Always pace yourself. Don’t try to keep up.
4. Ability: Be able to learn & apply. Knowledge should equal skill.
5. Levity: When interacting with people, avoid rigidity. Let them pass through you. Be like a thin wall of water.
6. Consistency: Be a pro. Don’t be erratic. Gain trust by being reliable.
7. Neutrality: Don’t take sides. Internalize no politics. Take up no other cause except your own. Be empty.
8. Order: You don’t have to be perpetually clean, but know where your shit is when you need it.

In related news, King Krule has also confirmed two upcoming late-night television appearances, making his debut on Late Show with David Letterman on October 28, and performing on Conan on November 4.