Over the years, Grimes has made it clear from things like her tour rider that she’s a health-conscious consumer passionate about food ethics. And she’s a vegan. But most of us have a guilty pleasure or two that might contradict our personal beliefs and, for Grimes, that is Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Last night on Tumblr, the eccentric artist posted a picture of herself holding a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Scotchy Scotch Scotch and expressed her excitement over the new Anchorman 2-themed flavor saying, “1 day hiatus from veganism is being had starting NOw.”

But one of her Tumblr followers lashed out at Grimes for indulging in the ice cream, saying:

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.31.28 PM

To which Grimes eloquently ethered the vegan purist by explaining at-length her belief in a more relaxed vegan way of life:

this is something i was anticipating and have been meaning to address for a long time:

Part of the reason I posted the ben and jerry’s thing is because I like to encourage people towards a type of veganism that is inviting and accepting.  For the longest time I was vegan but I just wouldn’t say I was because of the bad reputation of veganism.  most of the vegans i know are dogmatic assholes, and it completely turns people off.

I believe more people would be drawn to having more ethical diets if they didn’t feel bullied to do so, or if they felt they were entering a welcoming community.

My brand of veganism is one wherein if your grandparents have no idea what you are talking about then you eat their beef stew rather than upset or confuse them.  or if you really want to have cake with an egg in it on the holidays then you have that rather than just not being a vegan because you don’t want to give up occasionally having something that you love.

Ben and Jerrys is the only brand of ice cream i ever eat.  their cows are treated ethically and beyond that they put a ton of money into researching green hydrocarbon freezers that would use alternative refrigerants which (unlike current freezer gases) do not contribute to global warming.  they’re also working on a bunch of other initiatives like using completely renewable materials in packaging.

this comment is why no one wants to be vegan.  unlike this dude, i would like to fully encourage everyone to be vegan rather than scare them away.  I love being vegan.  my skin is better, i have more energy, i feel really healthy and i get sick way less than i used too and I’m not contributing to factory farming.   that said, I also occasionally enjoy things i used to eat because it makes me feel good and i am less discouraged about not eating those things the rest of the time.


“Dogmatic asshole” vegans: 0 Grimes: 1