Just now, I got an email from a guy. It read:

I’ve been looking for years a song I heard on MTV in the 90s from an indie band. The clip was passing a trio of rock / indie. The videoclip was in black and white in a snowy environment. I remember the guitarist wore a crown made of paper and bassist also was the vocalist.

I recorded a piece of music. I sing and play badly, but you can get an idea of the melody voice and guitar.

Can you help me find this song please?

So, Pigeons & Planes readers, this is where you come in. Listen to the recording below and try to think back to any snowy black-and-white videos made by ’90s indie rock bands. Let’s help this guy find his long-lost song. For added incentive, we’ll send a Pigeons & Planes t-shirt to the first person who figures it out.