With Yeezus season in full swing and Kanye West bringing his live show to different cities around the country, the man known for not doing much press has been making the rounds and giving interviews, and his latest is with The Russ Parr Morning Show in Washington D.C. Compared to some of the other recent interviews, this one is pretty lighthearted, but Kanye does address being called a jackass by Barack Obama and also speaks on his famous “rants.”

When I first started on what people call ‘rants,’ which I don’t like because it has a negative connotation but let’s just use the normal term for it—I think it’s a visionary stream of consciousness actually, a moment of truth breaking through because ain’t nobody in my position that’s gonna get up and be like ‘eff corporations’—I had to start off rough and now it’s like simplify and repeat, simplify and repeat, and people are understanding that my mission is dreams. My mission is joy.