So this was unexpected: along with Elvis, Carol Kaye, and the color blue, it appears that Japanese sumo wrestling is amongst Paul McCartney’s favorite things. According to NME, McCartney has sponsored a sumo wrestling team, and recently paid the team’s flags, which also displayed the artwork from his most recent album, New, during the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament.

This, says his spokesman, isn’t a new obsession: “Bizarrely Macca really got into Sumo Wrestling when he first toured Japan (as a solo artist) in 1993 […] He took his crew to one of the matches when they were over there recently and was explaining to everyone the rules and the scoring and how it all worked.” Apparently, when the Beatle attended the finale earlier this week, locals in traditional Japanese garb were “carrying ‘NEW’ album cover artwork on bamboo billboards around the stadium.”

Sure, it’s always cool to read about artists learning the customs of and interacting with other cultures, but let’s be real—you were probably picturing this the entire time:


You’re welcome.