Earlier this week, RZA criticized Raekwon for delaying the new Wu-Tang Clan album, which led to Raekwon responding on Twitter. The latest episode in this inter-Clan back and forth occurred last night, when RZA appeared on The Arsenio Hall show to mark the anniversary of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s death. He explained that Wu-Tang Clan are waiting on Raekwon to record verses for the album (making it clear that there was only love between the two rappers), and went on to talk about his love of Eastern culture, rising from poverty, and finally coming to understand the point of view of cops. Watch the interview above, and hold on to hope for a new Wu-Tang album, because RZA still thinks it’s going to happen.

All of us came to the table so far, but Raekwon is the last one to come put his verses on… Today is the day Ol’ Dirty Bastard passed away, the thing is he can’t be here. I can be here, Raekwon can be here, Method Man can be here. And I know Raekwon is gonna be here, I have nothing but brotherly love for him, but put some of the business to the side and let’s go make some music.