SBTRKT casually tweeted out a link to some jaw-dropping “audio/ visual experiments” today. It’s another collaboration with Lorenzo Durantini and A Hidden Place, the same team behind SBTRKT’s “IMO” video. And if you watch the two together, you might start sensing a theme.

But visuals aside (for the moment), this song is incredible: it’s an underground cavern suddenly filled with echoing snares and synths that would be home at a rave, were not the world’s raves six planets away. And then the drop comes. It’s the same sort of dark, extraterrestrial intensity we heard on “IMO,” beautifully crafted songs that become sculptural in their attention to detail.

And like “IMO,” SBTRKT and Durantini have create a single, slow-moving image. Instead of a spinning neon asteroid, however, we’re treated to a slow, oily reverse drip. If that sounds disgusting, it’s only because I’m unsure how to properly describe what I’m seeing. But I do know it’s meant to hypnotize. And it hypnotizes.

The image might feel familiar to those who’ve seen SBTRKT play live. Judging by this Vimeo, Durantini has done some of the visuals for SBTRKT’s sets. Here’s hoping this collaboration continues to blossom and ask questions about what the words “music video” mean and where they can go.