The only thing we’ve come to expect from Action Bronson is the unexpected. He followed up this year’s Saab Stories with his second collaboration with Party Supplies, the enigmatic and frenetic Blue Chips 2. And if you listen to Party Supplies’ solo work, Bam Bam isn’t exactly the first person who would leap to mind as a collaborator. But the two make beautiful music together, and can have a good ass time doing it. “Amadu Diablo” is one of the many tracks on Blue Chips 2 that comes in under two minutes, taking Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason” and flipping it into a typically nasty reflection on Bam Bam’s adventures between the sheets. For this video, however, the duo keeps it simple, playing off MTV’s Unplugged series to make a little session of their own. Bronson forces Party Supplies to get a little high before they start the song (“hit that before you do that”), taking the rest of the J for himself between verses. Just another piece of evidence to prove that Action Bronson could do just about anything and make it worth watching.

via Complex