If you’re on America’s East Coast right now, you’re probably terrified. Yet another superstorm is barreling across the purple mountain’s majesty, hell-bent on screwing up your Thanksgiving travel plans and wreaking unknowable havoc on all you hold dear.

Major Lazer, however, is in Jamaica. And while they have their fair share of problems in Jamaica too, superstorms do not number amongst them. At least not tonight. The new “Sweat” video from Major Lazer is a superstorm of a different sort, a collage of blacklighted neon dance explosions spattering the screen with the wild energy that has become synonymous with their name.

And yet the visuals are a new and visually addictive take on that calling card. They borrow some lips from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and let the dancers do what they do so well. “Sweat” appears on Lazer’s Free the Universe album, while the video was directed by Ryan Staake.