For the promotion of his sophomore album Because the Internet, Childish Gambino recently tweeted about wanting to “create one of the more imaginative [album] rollouts.” Part of that creative vision included an album trailer, a website containing dozens of hidden or password-protected pages, and secret mansion listening parties. Childish also teamed up with Brooklyn’s newest record store Rough Trade NYC for a multimedia experience that brings his Tumblr to life in the form of his childhood bedroom called “The Boy’s Room.” To create the room’s aesthetic, Childish collaborated with artist Brian Roettinger and Tumblr IRL, a project which brings a “window to the musician’s creative mind, on Tumblr and in real life” now in its third installment.

It’s an incredibly immersive experiment that turns Donald Glover’s artistic psyche into a tangible experience, allowing people to walk around the room and observe its every detail. This is what the rapper/actor recently said about “The Boy’s Room” on his Tumblr:

just to clarify the nytimes article about rough trade.  ”the boy’s room” in the store was envisioned by myself with the help of brian roettinger, via tumblr.

as with the script i wrote, we wanted to bring a piece of the world we created to life for people to enjoy. thank you to those mentioned that played a role.

The exhibit runs from now until January 5, 2014 but if you can’t make it to NYC in time, no worries. There’s a live stream of “The Boy’s Room” being broadcast during the store’s business hours which you can view above. Also preview photos from the exhibit below.

Because the Internet is out December 10. Stream the album in its entirety here.

(The Creators Project)