2013 has seen Spotfiy growing faster then ever, while also coming under scrutiny more than ever before, some of which they tried to confront yesterday by unveiling an artist information website. The main takeaway from yesterday’s launch of SpotifyArtists.com was that the average artist payout is $0.007 per stream, but Spotify are back today with another new site, this one looking back at some facts and figures from 2013.

There are eight sections to the user-friendly 2013 review website, which is full of facts about Spotify overall (4, 500, 000, 000 hours of music were streamed in 2013, 20% of songs on Spotify have never been played) as well as some interesting country and city specific takeaways (New York listens to Jay Z 88% more than the rest of the world, Singapore listens to Maroon 5 281% more than the rest of the world).

Check out Spotify’s smooth, interactive 2013 Year in Review here.